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halong-bay-cruiseHa Long Cruise Junk offers a collection of information tourists and locals can use when in Ha Long Bay. We offer travel and lifestyle guides that help you navigate life in Ha Long Bay to extract every last bit of fun out of your happy vacation – or stay in the area.

Enjoy Ha Long Bay

There’s a lot to do in Vietnam, and when you visit Ha Long Bay, you want to be able to travel through the bay, visit the ancient sights and know that when the tide is low, you can explore many of the caves and grottos that are otherwise not accessible to the public.

Ha Long Bay is classified as a World Heritage Site, and it features up to 2,000 islets to explore.

A marvel from every angle, the bay has been formed over millions of years, and the limestone formations people love to see are the result of over 500 million years of evolution.

Prehistoric remains have been found on the island dating back tens of thousands of years.

Visitors are literally walking and swimming on a piece of history that is equally as beautiful as it is mysterious.

Ha Long Cruise Junk aims to help you avoid the junk, and enjoy the finer parts of the bay. We even discuss some of the local markets, what to expect when snorkeling and why you should try to haggle – everyone does it.

Protecting the Bay We Love

We understand the impact tourism has had on Ha Long Bay, too. There are consequences that come along with tourism: pollution and damage. This is discussed in-depth in many of our posts, and it allows us to educate tourists and locals alike on the issues that Ha Long Bay faces on a daily basis.


From the removal of natural salt formations (often sold by small shops) to littering and defacing ancient monuments, we discuss the issues and educate visitors to make Ha Long Bay a place everyone can enjoy.

  • Viet Hai is a remote village just outside the boundaries of Cat Ba National Park. Covered by mountain ranges and surrounded by jungles, the village is in Hai Phong city’s Cat Hai district.

    While not popular with local Vietnamese tourists, the Viet Hai is becoming increasingly popular with foreign visitors.

    Part of the appeal is Viet Hai’s old-world way of living. Until recently, the village was completely separated from the outside world. Locals are self-sufficient, and have lived that way for thousands of years. Because of its unique location, villages can thrive on fishing, breeding animals and farming. Continue Reading…

  • snorkelingTaking a cruise along Ha Long Bay is a great way to enjoy this stunning, unique region of the world, but if you’re looking to take your experience to the next level, snorkeling should be at the top of your to-do list.

    What many people don’t realize is that the bay’s ecosystem is almost diverse as its terrestrial ecosystem. The bay’s coral reef ecosystem is one of its most impressive features. There are nearly 120 hectares of coral reef in the bay and at least 100 species in the area. Find out more about snorkeling in Halong Bay by clicking here.

  • halong-bay-market

    Halong Bay is filled with shopping at every corner. You’ll find that there is ample shopping day and night, and there are markets available at all times of the day.

    Whether you want to go to the floating shops in Halong Bay or the Bai Chay town market you will be able to find everything you heart desires from electrical products such as beard grooming devices right through to local foods such as Phở bò (beef noodles).

    However make sure to practice your haggling skills as this is the norm in Vietnam and you can normally get 50% of the orginal price.

  • halong-bay-cruiseA boat cruise is the best way to discover all that Ha Long Bay has to offer. With over 1,900 islets to explore, multi-day packages allow you to enjoy the full experience without having to sacrifice comfort.

    While you will find day excursions to the bay, overnight stays are often recommended, especially for first-time visitors. There is simply so much to see and do in the area that it would be impossible to fit it all into one day.

    Multi-day cruises give you the opportunity to travel at a slower pace and discover the beaches, quaint villages and islets scattered along the bay. With additional stops for fishing, swimming, kayaking and relaxing, visitors are truly immersed in the experience.

    Nearly every travel agency and hotel in Vietnam offers excursions to the bay, and visitors will find packages available in nearly every price range. Find out more by Clicking Here…

  • kayaking on halong bayPreviously it was possible to kayak on the Ha Long Bay and was a popular tourist attraction. However the Ha Long People’s Committee felt that the service was being abused and companies were ignoring their price lists and ripping off tourists which was having a negative impact on the business travel environment in Ha Long Bay.

    This is a great shame as the kayak service was a great way for tourists to see the picturesque scenery. According the team over at Perfect Rower Ha Long Bay was voted in top 10 for most beautiful places in the world to go kayaking.

    Many local companies feel this decision prevents local businesses from offering the kind of selection of activities that tourists have come to expect especially as Ha Long Bay is a natural world heritage site.